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We are dealing most of the stones by minimally invasive procedures. With the introduction of laser technology along with flexible ureteroscope we can access any part of the kidney and any stone can be pulverized.Multiple puncture PCNL to remove staghorn calculi are routinely done in our center.

Prostatic Disease

We have our own Doppler ultrasound for urological procedures. We do ourselfs trans rectal ultrasound and prostate biopsy. TURP & rare procedures like radical prostatectomy are also done in our center.

Laparoscopic Urology(Key Hole)

We are one among the centres doing laparoscopic surgeries in urology, both ablative and reconstructive work. Nephrectomy and Pyeloplasty, renal cyst deroofing, ureterolithotomy are routinely done now with laparoscopic approach.

Andrology Services

We are among the few who are doing penile prosthesis in Hyderabad for patients with severe erectile dysfunction. We believe in counselling the young generation about marital and sexual life through news papers and interviews.All male infertility cases are evaluated and appropriate surgeries are done in our centre. Microscopic varicocele ligation is done for the required patients to give better results. No scalpel vasectomy NSV is routinely done in our centre.

Kidney Transplantaion

We in our Preeti Urology centre are doing Kidney transplant surgeries along with senior most nephrologist of the city. We also did cadaveric transplants recently with good success. State of art equipment is available  for the post op care along with senior intensivists and cardiologists. AV fistulae, CAPD cath insertion are also done routinely here.