RIRS Kidney Stone Treatment in Hyderabad RIRS Surgery

RIRS Kidney Stone Treatment in Hyderabad, RIRS Surgery

RIRS Kidney stone treatment surgery is widely known as the facility of retro intra-renal surgery (RIRS), this technique allows doctors to perform surgery inside the kidney without making an incision.

RIRS Kidney stone treatment surgery involves a minimal invasive technique using a very fine (2-3 mm) and flexible ureteroscope (a viewing tube made of fiberoptic) which enters the body through the natural urinary passage through the bladder and ureter; it can be easily utilized successfully to remove between 70 to 90 per cent of kidney stones besides making the surgery almost painless with far less complications and morbidity.

RIRS Kidney stone treatment surgery is an advanced technique of treating kidney stone disease and other renal ailments. It has many advantages over the open surgery. Dr. V.C. Mohan is among one of the finest and best doctors in Hyderabad, India for RIRS kidney stone treatment surgery.

No skin incision is required in this RIRS Kidney stone treatment surgery technique and natural urinary passage is used for the instrument to enter the kidney, making all parts of kidney accessible.

The patient can be discharged from hospital within 24 hours of RIRS surgery because of quick recovery time in this procedure. The RIRS surgery involves minimum complications and with a high stone clearance rates. Preeti Hospital is one of the finest place to get RIRS kidney stone treatment in Hyderabad.

Advantages of RIRS Kidney stone treatment surgery in Hyderabad

# RIRS Surgery is the latest procedure of removing kidney stones without any open surgery involved

# Accessibility of kidney increases because of natural urinary passage (retrograde movement) used which makes it painless

# Clearance rate for stones are very high (70 to 90%) with this RIRS kidney stone treatment

# Complications are less that 1%

# Faster recovery time (discharged within 24 hours of RIRS surgery)

Where to use RIRS kidney stone removal surgery

# RIRS can be used for treating kidney stone diseases

# RIRS surgery can also be used for Cancer treatment of kidney in early stage

# And also, For detection of source of bleeding point in urine

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