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Best Kidney Transplantation Hyderabad | Kidney Transplant Hyderabad

Dr.V.Chandra Mohan, the managing director of the hospitals is already practicing in the most happening part of city, KPHB, for last five years. This hospitals is fifty beded first super specialty hospital in this region of Andhra Pradesh suitable for kidney transplantation as well. We have all necessary permission for kidney transplantation to provide best service of kidney transplantation in Hyderabad.

This Hospital focuses primarily on problems like kidney stones, prostate problems, kidney failure, high BP problems, old age urine complaints, urine infection and urine leak in women, childhood kidney problems, kidney and prostate cancer and kidney transplantation as Dr. V. Chandra Mohan is one of the reputed and best urologist in Hyderabad. He has also completed kidney transplant successfully in this hospital. We are one of the Best Hospital for Oncology in Hyderabad / Kidney cancer treatment in in Hyderebad with world class facility at a nominal rate.

We provide 24hrs. Urology and Nephrology services. Most of our patients can go home on the same day without any cut or stitch. we are doing all the lab tests with high standard equipment. High frequency digital X-Ray,3D ultrasound, High definition camera, Urodynamics, ESWL and advanced anesthesia equipment are the highlights of our hospital that makes it best for kidney transplantation, kidney cancer treatment / oncology treatment hospital in Hyderabad. Our excellent support team supporting staffs are always available to help you with any requirement and to make your stay at hospital very comfortable by managing with ease.

Kidney cancer treatment / Oncology treatment

We are also providing general medicine, general surgery, cardiology & Endocrinology services primarily for admitted patients and also providing dialysis facilities crucial to our in patients with renal failure getting operated. Our panel of doctors are highly qualified from prestigious institutes. We are also providing qualified nursing care. Senior lab technicians will be performing the blood tests. We ensure that preliminary staff have basic education to deal with our patients. We give utmost importance for the reception and all receptionists are supposed to deal the needy patients with good behavior. If you are looking for any kind of treatment including kidney transplantation, kidney cancer treatment / oncology treatment hospital in Hyderabad then please visit our kidney cancer treatment / oncology treatment and kidney transplantation center in Hyderabad. Dr. V. Chandra Mohan takes utmost care of each and every patient personally to make sure nothing bothers while kidney transplantation. He has a vision of making Preeti Hospital as one of the best kidney transplantation center, kidney cancer treatment / oncology treatment in the world with his expertise in the kidney transplant.